Arnaar Jerynomonis

Arnaar Jerynomonis has been a sailor since he was young man, working his way up the Ishi Kari fleet. However, after the cataclysm there has been disunity and a lack of consistent jobs. Now Arnaar heads to the city of Mezomola with a new job and a new adventure in his wake.

Arnaar Jerynomonis is played by Alex Bissonnette and works in Aircraft Maintenance in Tacoma, Washington.


Rythen Dust

Rythen is a learned wizard from the University of Higher Magic in the Myron Empire. However, due to an unfortunate incident his time at the school was cut short. Learning from an older dwarf artificer, he travels the world looking at oddities. But nothing is more odd then the new world on the horizon.

Rythen is played by Sean Last who is a student at Washington State University studying Electrical Engineering

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Kacey Stone

Kacey Stone is a long time resident of Mezomola, doing jobs and making his way with the cards reality has given him. Orphaned at a young age, he has learned to survive and thrive where others have failed. When approached by a man for a job involving contacts with the new world, he prepared his equipment to see what he can do to support a new relationship between the two worlds.

Kacey Stone is played by Tyler and is currently studying Computer Science.


Vivet Mors

Vivet Mors is a rather secretive warlock from a prominent, and sometimes infamous, family of the Blackwater Mansion district. She woke up on the street after the blast of the cataclysm with a new purpose and directive that she doesn’t fully understand. Her family nowhere to be seen, she made her way through the streets to the nearest temple in attempts to try and comprehend her new place in the world and what her future holds.

Vivet Mors is played by Kiedra who is an IT Audit Manager in Texas.