Wyvern's Aria
Wyvern's Aria
An Audio Drama Podcast supported by Dungeons and Dragons

King Myron awoke one morning and walked to his balcony overlooking his kingdom. The King enjoyed these moments of peace before the day began. This day was the exception as a shadow seemed to fly over the Kingdom. Looking up, King Myron began to sweat as the Dragon God known as Raksha began to inhale. The King blocked his eyes as the shine off his platinum scales overwhelmed his vision. Raksha roared. When King Myron regained his senses, he noticed that it was now night and he had no recollection of the stars.

In Mezomola, a young man was walking down the main street of the overcity when the earth began to shake. Vincent St. Claire lost his balance and looked up to see a large reptile of legend appear followed by a large land mass. The land mass fell into the ocean, and that was when the wave began to rise. People began to scream. Vincent ran for his motorcycle and pulled out his phone. As he turned on the engine he said into his phone, “The Cataclysm is coming.”

Wyvern’s Aria is a story about Raksha, the Dragon Deity, transporting a high fantasy continent to a cyberpunk world. Tensions are high as the displacement of water by the fantasy world appearing destroyed the entire east side of the cyberpunk world. Eight months after this cataclysm, our story begins with four heroes.

This podcast is created by Christopher Rondeau. Rondeau is looking to produce great stories through writing, podcasting, and classical music. To find out more please visit his website here.